Show Me Your Number Club is a voluntary membership club of people who associate with our work and contribute through financial and non-financial support. Each member pays an annual membership fee that entitles them to a number of benefits. The members of Show Me Your Number Club are referred to as "Mzala". Mzala means cousin in nguni languages, and in the context of SMYN Club it means an engaged member. During activations of Show Me Your Number, those members able to volunteer their time are afforded the opportunity to contribute.

    Joining the Club is free, however we encourage those who want to join the Club to donate as follows:
  • GOLD Member: Donation of R1,000 and above
  • SILVER Member: Donation of R100 - R999
  • BRONZE Member: Free

To find out more information about the Show Me Your Number Club membership and register to be a member, download the membership form here.

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