Our Work


SMYN exists to eradicate HIV infections by using sports, arts and culture as a vehicle for advocacy and raising awareness.


  • To USE sport, arts & culture platforms to contribute towards eradication of HIV
  • To PROMOTE sport, arts & culture as tools for social cohesion
  • To RAISE consciousness and increase the number of men undergoing HIV Counseling and Testing and Male Medical Circumcision
  • To PROMOTE AND SHOWCASE the public commitment of sport, arts & culture personalities in the fight against HIV and promotion of social cohesion.
  • To ADVOCATE for a positive public image of sport, arts & culture in nation building.


  • Innovation
  • Openness
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability

Sport for Social Change

Sport (including arts & culture) for Social Change is a pioneering approach that uses the convening power of sports as a vehicle to minimize the effects of underdevelopment on marginalized youth and young adult populations. This is the "melting pot" of our existence as Show Me Your Number, the basis upon which the organization was formed.

Through sports, arts & culture platforms and participants (generally referred to as "celebrities") we are able to bring individuals from all backgrounds and social statuses together in a relaxed and natural environment that is ideal for exploring serious and sensitive issues. We believe that sports instill the critical "can do" outlook that is vital to a childs successful educational development. And, we believe in the power of sport to create lasting individual and social change.

Sport (including arts & culture) has historically played an important role in all societies, be it in the form of competitive sport, physical activity or play. Globally, sport has been increasingly recognized and used as a low-cost and high-impact tool in humanitarian, development and peace-building efforts by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), governments, development agencies, sports federations, armed forces and the media. Sport can no longer be considered a luxury within any society but is rather an important investment in the present and future, particularly in developing countries.

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